Our Story

 What started as a simple sketch and an idea, has evolved into our company Piloi. Piloi was started on the foundation of unity and togetherness. When my husband and I first came up with a business idea, we wanted to create something that solves a problem in everyone's daily life. Lost and mismatched socks.
With a growing necessity for families to be as time efficient as possible, we wanted to eliminate the time-consuming factors of laundry. By developing socks with built-in clips, we found the perfect all-in-one solution. As we continue to follow 'togetherness' for our socks we also wish to be actively involved in our communities that fight for equality for all racial and social backgrounds. Our company's vision is to unify a world where everyone can be equal.
For Piloi's initiative we have chosen to support organizations that focus on combating racial injustices and inequalities in various communities. This connects with us personally, growing up in opposite social economics and communities; Me being from Chicago and my husband from the land of Dracula, the beautiful country of Romania. Our hope for Piloi is to continue to develop products that have a strong impact on the world and can bring everyone together.